Shengjing XiKang Healthcare Management Center

Shengjing Xikang management companies is a health management information platform which provide a series of service including health management, remote medical ward, and medical service. This platform comes out of a wonderful cooperation by Shengjing hospital affiliated to China Medical University, the medical information system in China, and medical equipment providers-- DongRuan Group.


Shengjing hospital and DongRuan Group, use the remote medical monitoring equipment to get the information about inheritance, habits, eating and living environment, profession, medical history, current health state and so on to establish lifelong electronic health records for the customers. The health record can help to estimate, predict and trace the health condition of the customers. The information platform provide scientific systemic and humanized management services including the early disease warning, a comprehensive health education, health interfere , and personal medical device, remote health monitoring, expert consultation and so on.


The health consulter of Shengjing XiKang will make health guidance for you based on your health condition. And provide electronic health records according to your requirements so that you will provide accurate information to your doctor.
 Central remote medical monitoring service make a combination of medical equipment and information platform so that members can take health exam at home and
The expert provides guidance according to the remote upload data. This system makes the medical course more intelligent and effective, and opens a new domain in health management.

Shengjing XiKang provides the patients expert consultation, treatment appointment and green channel and so on. These services relief the problem of the difficulty and high cost of getting medical service and improve the medical efficiency, avoided delaying of treatment.

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Intelligent health assessment
health checkup,      Personalization checkup,    health report analysis,   expert health assessment
health promoting plan,     health awareness,       remote multi-functional monitoring, remote monitoring of blood sugar
blood pressure monitoring,     remote monitoring of blood oxygen,        remote monitoring of fetal heartbeat,     remote health consultation 
personal health consultant,    expert consultation,    medical appointment, medical green channel


With the rapid development of information technology and the improvement of health management, the intelligent remote health management will be a new model of health defense. Shengjing XiKang has abundant medical resource and advanced technology and equipment and intelligent network platform to realize the remote convenient health service. The expert group support provides professional health administration and specialist medical services in time.

Professional health assessment, health interfere, health records and remote monitor equipment make both the members and doctors know of the current and historical health condition and realize health management in time.