Shengjing Medical Union

The first chapter:  general principles

First: name

Chinese name of the union is called 盛京医疗联盟, English name is Shengjing Medical Union, Abbreviated sjmu, allied emblem :

Second: nature

We are a non-profit cooperative organization consists of hospitals at various levels and the relevant organizations. We aimed at alleviating the problems of high cost in hospitals and difficulties in health-seeking behavior and providing excellent, effective and safe, convenient medical services for the patients.

Third: mission 

Take the full advantages of the leading role of city large comprehensive hospital and make full use of information technology as a platform to improve the medical service quality and facilitate the health-seeking behavior. We integrate medical resources at different levels and make the most of basic medical resources to realize a sharing of medical resources to meet the increasing need of people.

Forth: logos

Resource sharing; advantages complementation; serving the people; improving together

Fifth: identifications

The union has uniform emblem and banner which are used within the coalition.

Sixth: website

The union has an official website to give out information. Each alliance hospital can retain their hospital site, but they should set the alliance site link in an obvious position. 

Chapter two: membership

Seventh: basic conditions of membership

1、mainly composed of city/county hospital、medical and health authorities and related medical social organizations.

2、Voluntarily share resources with alliance medical institutions, further standardize the management, improve the quality and efficiency of medical treatment for people.

3、Have a good local reputation and social impact.

Eighth: member entrance

The units who accept this constitution and reach the requirements of the committee can voluntarily join our alliance as long as been approved by the union, enjoy the rights and at the same time undertake the obligations.

Ninth: member rights

1. Take part in variety training activities organized by the union.

2. Use the logo of the union 

3. Have the rights to give advice and criticism to the union.

4.Use of the internal resources, including :management, equipment , logistics and finance

5、Have the right to apply for exit union after paying back all the reimbursable support.

6、Provide treatment green channel for the patients of union members.

Tenth: obligations of members

1、Obey the union constitution

2、Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests

3、Obey and implement the resolutions and decisions of the union

4、Accept supervision and inspection of the league organization

5、Harmonious coexistence between the members  and promote common development, and does not harm the interests of the other members

Eleventh:  the loss of rights

Members will forfeit the union membership who appear the following circumstances

1、Apply for withdraw from the union

2、Seriously violate the constitution and relevant provisions

3、The member who is not come up to the basic management and quality control will be removed name from the rolls

Chapter three:  leistungsorgane 

Twelfth: union committee

The union committee is the leader of the alliance and has the final decision-making authority for all of the union affairs.

The president of the Shengjing hospital act as the Chairman of the committee, committee members taken by the legal person of each unit.

The committee sets a secretariat, the secretary-general held by the director of social services department of Shengjing hospital, the secretary are appointed by the allied units.

Union committee's regular meetings held at least twice a year by the president and summoned all the members. The chairman have the right to hold temporary committee meetings and other members are entitled to propose a committee meeting held when encountered major problems.

Thirteenth: union committee duties

1、Absorb or  remove members

2、Exercise leadership in conducting work.

3、Draw up internal management system

4、Rule on any practices in violation of this code.

5、Decide other important affairs

Fourteenth: union committee chairman duties

1、Hold the union committee’s meetings

2、Represent the union to implement the resolutions, decisions.

3、Coordinate the work of the member unit

4、Have the final veto right in voting

Chapter fou: operation criteria after the member organizations taken part in the union

Fifteenth:  Personnel , party-masses relationship

1、the personnel and  organizational relationship of the allied units stay unaltered , and still belong to the senior management unit.

2、the appointment, removal is still in the charge of the supervising authority of the allied hospital.

3、The allied units still act as independent legal person to conduct management, assume their respective legal responsibilities.

Sixteenth financial management

1、The allied units independently operate their financial affairs

2、The allied units still carry out the charging standards made by the local price department.

Seventeenth: network platform

1、the Alliance set a uniform network platform for the allied units . Establish a system including online register, tests and lab work appointment, two-way transfer treatment, distance consultation and video conference.

2、the allied units can independently operate their hospital information system,  laboratory information systems,  image storage and transport systems, office automation system (OAS), etc.  Or upgrade to realize overall information integration between the allied units.

Eighteenth: quality control
1、The allied units carry out unified quality control and quality, safety management system and establish a unified quality control system of ward management, outpatient management and medical aid department( including clinical laboratory, x-ray department, ultrasound, pathology department , pharmaceutical preparation section, blood transfusion section, ect.). 
2、the image and laboratory examination which reach the standard of the union quality control can be shared between the allied units.
Nineteenth:  medical quality  management 
1、Allied units gradually realize standardization, unification, normalization of medical process, and unify the diagnosis and treatment standard.
2、Establish regularly rounds, consultation and remote network consultation between the allied units.
3. Allied units have the priority in the new medical technical cooperation. 


Twentieth:  Purchasing by Inviting Bid
Implement bid purchasing organized by the union, for example, medicines, reagent, consumptive material and equipment, on a voluntary basis.
Twenty-first:  appointed exam, patients transfer 
1、The allied units have the priority to take appointed examination and patients transfer.
2、Set green transfer channel for complicated enduring cases

Twenty-second: training
The staffs of the allied units have equal right of priority to take part in training, further education, academic activities held by the union. And the managers and clinical nursing backbones can enjoy the further education for free. 

Chapter five: others 
Twenty-third:  any unfinished affairs , will be settled by all the allied units through consultation.