Introduction to Liaoning Provincial Medical Service Center for Foreign Nationals

In June 2009, approved by the Department of Health of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Provincial Medical Service Center for Foreign Nationals (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) was assigned to Shenjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University in order to meet the increasing need of medical service for foreign nationals in Shenyang.

The Center consists of service facilities including dedicated outpatient service, emergency service and wards. The outpatient and the emergency sections are separately located on the third and the first floors of Block B, Building One in the Nanhu Campus, with the outpatient area of 1000 square meters and the emergency area of 120 square meters. The wards are on the 23rd floor of Block A, Building One.

The outpatient section has more than 10 special consulting rooms, including the specialties of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology, Infectious Disease and Paediatrics, and supportive and serving section offices such as the sections of ECG, ultrasound, blood sampling room, treatment room, transfusion room, heath record room, registration room and the cashier, etc. It also has a pneumatic tube system for automatic transportation of examined specimens, pathologic specimen and drugs so that the patients can get the examination results and drugs while waiting in the waiting area. It is tidy, spacious, tranquil and beautiful in the waiting area of the Center. There is a special entertainment area for child patients while. It also has separate channels for medical staff and patients, perfect reservation and queuing systems to assure convenient, fast and orderly medical service to fully meet the need of foreign nationals seeking outpatient service.

The dedicated emergency area provides emergent treatment service to foreign nationals (while life and trauma rescuing is in the ordinary emergency area). It has facilities of consulting rooms, isolation room, observation room and therapeutic rooms, etc. to meet the basic requirement of emergency service. In the emergency ward, there are 21 wards with international standard medical facilities attached.

Besides the outpatient, emergency and admission service, the Center can set up health record for the foreign nationals so that multiple medical services, e.g. professional check-up, professional physical therapy and rehabilitation, family medical service, medical evacuation and consultation can be provided to meet the health needs of foreign nationals.

The Center has a health care team composed of excellent doctors and nurses. Most of them have the experience of studying or working abroad and are equipped with knowledge and experience of medical service for foreign nationals. Besides mastering excellent clinical skills, they can communicate with patients and make diagnosis and treatment in fluent foreign languages. They can provide medical service in foreign such languages as English, Japanese, German, Spanish and Korean. The advanced equipment of diagnosis and treatment, a health care team with expertise both in clinical skills and foreign languages and superior and efficient medical service of the hospital will provide health security for all the foreign nationals!

In recent years, Shenjing Hospital has accomplished a series of medical service tasks for foreign nationals with outstanding performance, including the medical security work for Singaporean Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew during his visit in Shenyang in May 2006, Spanish Prince Felipe during his visit in Shenyang in July 2006, Haitian President during his stay in Shenyang, foreign guests from the U.S. Consulate and the Japanese Consulate in Shenyang and their family members. Our hospital was the sole designated hospital responsible for medical security work in Shenyang Competition Venue during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Shenjing Hospital is also the designated medical service institution for Koreans in Shenyang by the Association of Koreans in Shenyang. In addition, it is the designated hospital for more than 20 international medical insurance companies. By now, the Medical Service Center for Foreign Nationals has signed agreement on medical service with several foreign-capital enterprises or organizations, such as Shenyang BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. and European Union Chamber of Commerce.

Supported by the powerful medical technology, human-oriented service and high-level health care team of Shenjing Hospital, the Center will provide satisfactory, high-quality and highly efficient medical security service for foreign nationals.

•Opening Hours:Monday - Friday    8:00-12:00 AM; 13:30-16:30 PM.

•International Outpatient Service:Please make an appointment through telephone 24 hours in advance and we will arrange the medical service according to your appointed time. If changed, call us 24 hours before your visit.

•Emergency Service:Patients can get direct emergency service by telephone contact.

•Please provide relevant medical insurance information when seeing a doctor.

•The companies or individuals that have signed agreement on medical service with our hospital can get advance medical service and pay the medical bills within the prescribed time period.

•Please go to the Dean’s Office on the fifth floor of No. 8 Building or the dedicated area in outpatient service on the third floor of B Block of No. 1 Building for enquiries.

•Tel: 18602496615