Our Hospital Held the 14th Session of Sports Games

In September 20th, our hospital held the 14th Session of Sports Games  in Benxi base. WenXueqiong, Yu Hai, vice mayor of Benxi, ShengZhisong, the party secretory of Benxi Municipal Sports Bureau, Li Fen, director of the Benxi Municipal Sports Bureau Group, Fan Yu, vice president of our school’s union, leadership of the Party and Government team, members of our hospital, representatives of well-known professors, representatives of the Democratic Parties and so on attended the opening ceremony. GuoQiyong, vice principal of our school and the dean of our hospital delivered the opening speech,    XuJianjun, chairman of our hospital’s union, chaired the generally assembly.   


On behalf of the hospital’s Parties and Government Leadership Team and all the staff, Guo Qiyong, the dean of our hospital, gave a warm welcome to the leaders and guests who participated in the opening ceremony and expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaderships and teachers of Benxi Municipal Sports Bureau who gave strong supports to the sports games and staffs, coaches who made elaborate preparations for the games, expressed sincere respect to all the athletes and referees. Guo pointed out that 2014 is Medical Occupation Literacy Promotion Themed Year in which our hospital tried to improve staffs’ quality and standard of conduct, all staffs responsed to it positively, worked hard in their post respectively and improved themselves which greatly enhanced the overall quality of the hospital, promoted the construction of cultural connotation of our hospital, enhanced the medical service quality and ability of hospital which promoted the construction of the hospital and made considerable progress and outstanding contribution to the sustainable development of our hospital. The dean GuoQiyong expected the staffs to see the games as an opportunity, to further improve the physical quality, show the competition field spirit of tenacious struggle, unity and cooperation, scale the heights in their post, to further improve the medical occupation, accomplish the heavy tasks of medicine, teaching, research, management, logistics, spiritual and power side by side and hand in hand, created the realization of Shengjing Hospital’s boom with passion and morale.


On behalf of the athletes, the technician Liang Hu of our Hospital’s Rehabilitation Center oath.  


More than three thousands of employees and students of our hospital watched the games, including Fushun, Gaizhou, Liaodongwan, the three group hospitals and more than two thousands and six hundreds of people from seventeen teams participated in the competition including seventy-two sports items and rich-colorful mass entertainment sports games.


The general assembly finished the completion successful in accordance with the predetermined schedule of the morning and awarded the corresponding awards. Due to the bad weather, the match in the afternoon was forced to stop, the remaining projects will be undergoing on another day.


            The union / Shao Chunying