Our hospital undertook the 18th symposium of Chinese Hospital Association of Logistics Management Professional Committee

Sponsored by Chinnese Hospital Association of Logistics Management Professional Committee and undertook by our hospital, the 18th symposium of the Chinese Hospital Association of Logistics Management Professional Committee was held in Benxi Huixihu hotel in September 19th. More than six hundred people attended the meeting, including experts from the field of Logistics Management in Domestic Hospital, the Dean of the Logistic and the participants of each unit.


On the opening ceremony, Zhang Baoku, Deputy Secretary of Chinese Hospital Association, Song Wenge, Deputy Department Inspector of Liaoning Province Health and Family Planning Commission, Guo Qiyong, President of Liaoning Hospital Association, Vice Principal of our school , Dean of our hospital, Chairman of China Hospital Association Logistics Management   Professional Committee, Zhang Wei, Vice executive President of Sichuan University Huaxi Hospital delivered speeches respectively. Guo Xibin, standing members of Chinese Hospital Association Logistics Management Professional Committee, Vice President of our Hospital chaired  the opening ceremony.


On the meeting, Liu Diankui, Deputy Director of the National Health andFamily Planning Commission System Reform Division, Zhang Ying, Vice President of Shanghai Hexin Hospital and Vice President of Taiwan LixinHospital, Jin Gaofeng, Vice President of China Public Security University Graduate School  delivered themed reports entitled Reform Progress of Public Hospital, The Influence of Taiwan Hospital’s Accreditation to the Hospital’s Culture Building, Reflection on Hospital’s Anti-Terrorism and Anti-Riot Forms and Countermeasures.The Deputy Director LiuDiankui has made a comprehensive interpretation from four aspects: why to reform, how to reform, the difficulties and problems that public hospitals faced with when reform and the prospect of public hospital reform. He emphasized that the breakin the reform of public hospitals is the government to perform its public service functions, to meet the basic medical service of population, hold the public nature and the dominant position of public hospital. The reform of public hospitals should focus on the implementation of government medical responsibility, strengthen the construction of medical service system, purge the unwholesome tendencies in drug purchase field, continuous improve the works of service and convenience to people in the future.


China Hospital Association Logistics Management Professional Committee announced the Decision on Recognition of Outstanding Papers and Excellent Organization in 2014. The six Vice Chairmen of the conference awarded the Regional Outstanding Organization Award, Units Outstanding Organization Award and Outstanding Paper Award for four areas, eight hospitals and forty individuals respectively. The Construction of Logistics Department’s One Number Communication,One-Stop Serviced and Management Informational Platform coauthored by Bai Li, Xing Hui, Guo Xibin and Ba Zhi Qiang of our hospital won the Outstanding Paper Award.


In the security and informational sub forum, Guo Xibin, Vice President of Our Hospital made a themed teaching entitled Hospital Develop and Explore the Construction of Hospital Group Under the New Situation of Reform. A total of seven experts including Ba Zhiqiang, Director of our hospital’s Logistics Department, Zhao Bin, General Affairs Department Director of Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital and others exchange their experiences and academic discussion on the themes of Construction of Logistics Informational Platform, Intelligent Research of Logistics Management and Practice of Logistics Security and Emergency Management. Rich experience and innovative ideas of experts won the applause of delegates. In the scientific sub forum, the experts introduced the application of Evaporation Typed Condensing Technology, Ba System and a variety of new technology in the hospital’s logistics work in detail, which enable delegates to broaden their horizons and realized the importance of scientific management idea and the method in the logistics management.


More than two hundreds of delegates have visited the One Number Communication Center of our hospital, Foreign Medical Service Center, Substations, Underground Pipe Gallery and Air Conditioners Room these important logistics management places in our hospital. They gave full recognitions to our hospital’s logistics management level.


The logistic service is the cornerstone of a hospital’s operation andit is an important guarantee for the high quality medical service. Making efforts to improve the level of a hospital’s logistics management is a effective means to improve the operational efficiency and control cost. This conference provides a communication platform for the majority of logistics workers, the participating experts and representatives fully communicated the latest theoretical achievements and practical experience of the logistics work, which make the direction for our hospital’s logistics management industry toward standardization, modernization, scientific and adds new power for logistics management works to better serve the clinical and medical reform.



                                                       The Dean's Office / Guo Jiakai Yao Pin