Liaoning Army Reserve Antiaircraft Artillery Division Held the Investiture Ceremony in Our Hospital Dean of Our Hospital Guo Qiyong was Awarded the Rank of Senior Colonel Party Secretary Zhao Yuhong was Awarded the Rank of Colonel

On December 11th, the Liaoning army reserve antiaircraft artillery division held the investiture ceremony in our hospital. Guo Qiyong, Dean of our hospital, Zhao Yuhong, party secretary of our hospital were respectively awarded the rank of Senior Colonel and Colonel. Jin Aiqun, Senior Colonel of antiaircraft artillery division party, Chen Yong, senior colonel, director of the Political Department, Colonel Jia Yunfei, Minister of logistics department in our hospital, Guo Xibin and Zhang Chengpu, vice president of our hospital, Li Cheng, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Xu Jianjun, chairman of trade union as well as forty reserve officers of our hospital who wearing the uniform participated in the investiture, nearly three hundreds of middle-level cadres witnessed the glory moment when president Guo and Secretary Zhao were conferred the rank .


The investiture ceremony began in the solemn national anthem. Political commissar Jin Aiqun read the command of president Xi Jinping awarded the rank of Colonel to president Guo Qiyong and awarded the rank of Senior Colonel to the president Guo, awarded the rank of Colonel to Secretary Zhao. President Guo and Secretary Zhao took the rank excitedly, salute to the gold commissar after wear neatly, salute to all comrade who attending the ceremony, the audience burst into warm applause.


President Guo Qiyong published ebullience speech as awarded representative. President Guo thanked the support of antiaircraft artillery division party to our hospital’s job firstly, thanked the selfless dedication and hard work of our hospital’s staff and reserve officers. President Guo pointed out that the northeast first reserve emergency medical team in our hospital has participated in the Twelfth National Games test matches of province's health system and the health security emergency drills, antiaircraft artillery first division camp health clinic and other large-scale activities, participated in the provincial military readiness pull check training for many times, won the honor for our hospital since the establishment of our hospital. At the same time, our hospital open the beginning of new employees walk to the barracks training, to strengthen the cooperation with reserve antiaircraft artillery division, opened a medical Easy Access between artillery division  servicemen and their families which treat a total of officers and soldiers related distress in critically ill patients more than 80 cases in this year. These activities effectively promoted the development of military integration and cooperation of civilian and military. President Guo also said that one of the major decision on deepening national defense and the army's reform of party's eighteenth plenary session is to promote the depth development of military and civilian integration. Since the establishment northeast first reserve emergency medical teams in our hospital, Shengjing hospital and antiaircraft artillery division united as one and actively explored new way, new approaches and new mechanisms of the combination of military and civilian. In the future, the two sides will further enhance cooperation and innovation forms, improve the healthy level of army officers and soldiers, enhance the medical staff‘s awareness of national defense,  positively response to the call of Party Central Committee and promote the development of integrated military and civilian at a higher level.


Commissar Jin made a summary speech. He pointed out that the reserve is the basic form of reserving force during the period of peace in the country and provide service for the rapid expansion of army during wartime. Therefore, reserve officers should not only fulfill present duties but also fulfill reserve duties. China Medical University is the oldest Red Army Medical School which established by China Communist Party and have a common background with the Chinese people's Liberation Army, while Shengjing Hospital that affiliated to China Medical University has a history of 130 years and inherited the red gene following the China Medical University. Medical workers in Shengjing Hospital practical work hard and make scientific innovation in the medical work for the treatment and life continuing of patients, they hope Shengjing Hospital can continue to move forward by virtue of its own strength so that make new and greater contributions to the China medical career.


The investiture presided over by senior colonel Chen Yong, the director of political department of antiaircraft artillery division.


                                                                                       Party committee office / Lin Wei