Our Hospital Held the 2014 Shengjing Hospital Clinical Skills Contest

In Order to Further Implement Our Hospital Activities Themed 2014 Medical Occupation Literacy Promotion,Comprehensively Enhance the Medical Worker's Occupation Accomplishment,Promote the Construction of Cultural Connotation of Hospital, at the Beginning of September, Our Hospital Started the "2014 Shengjing Hospital Clinical Skills Contest", Aims to Promote the Clinical Physicians at All Levels to Strengthen the Service Learning, Further Improve Their Own Quality and Provide More Secure Medical Services For Patients. Leadership of Hospital Attaches Great Importance to the Contest, On the First Day of Competition, Dean Guo Qiyong, Vice President Zhang Chengpu Personally Came to the Examination Room and Visiting. The Competition on an Unprecedented Scale, Contestants Including All Physicians with Senior Vice Title of Every Clinical Departments of Nanhu School District and Huaxiang School District (Including Physicians with High Title Qualification), Physician with Intermediate Title and All the Chief Resident a Total of More Than 800 People.


In the Setting Up Meeting Held Previously,Vice President of Our Hospital Zhang Chengpu Attended the Meeting and Made a Speech. Dean Zhang Stressed the Importance of Hosting the Skills Competition,Requiring All Subtropical High, Intermediate, Chief Resident Fully Prepared and Actively Participating in the Competition, At the Same Time, Dean Zhang Provide Guidance For the Preparation and Implementation Work of the Competition. Deputy Director of Medical Department Lu Yan Introduced the General Idea and Implementation Scheme of 2014 Shengjing Hospital Clinical Skills Competition. The Competition is Divided Into Two Stages: the First Stage is the Individual Competition Which Including the Theory Written,the Operation of Basic Skills and the Quality of Medical Records Three Parts; the Second Stage is Statistics Department Rankings Based On the Comprehensive Score of All Levels of People of Each Clinical Departments, Few Top Departments Entered into the Final Group Match.


In the Theory Written Which Held in September 3rd to5rd,All the Associate Senior Physicians Shows Serious Attitude and Rigorous Answer. Dean Guo Qiyong of Our Hospital, Vice President Zhang Chengpu Came to the Examination Room, Inspected the Written Test On Spot and Asking For Feedback in Clinical and Existence Question, Besides,They Gave High Evaluation to All the Associate Senior Physician’s Carefully Prepared and Actively Participation.


On September 9th to 16th, Associate Senior Physician’s Basic Skills Assessment Conducted in Nanhu District,the Contest Including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Reading Films,Thoracic Puncture,Lumbar Puncture,Abdominal Puncture,Bone Puncture, Dressing Operation, Electrocardiogram Machine Operation,Blood Gas Ion Analysis and so on. All Associate Senior Physicians From All Clinical Departments of the Hospital Took Part in the Examination, They Actively Perform the Leading Role As the Business Backbone of Department, Specializes in Business Learning, Pay Attention to Basic Clinical Skills,Race Out the Positive and Scaled New Heights Spirit of Shengjing Hospital,Enhanced its Own Occupation Accomplishment.


At Present, the Theory Written and Basic Skills Assessment of Vice Senior Physicians has been Completed, the Theory Written and Basic Skills Assessment of All Intermediate Physicians in All Clinical Departments and the Theory Written of Chief Resident Will Continue to be Carried Out. At the Same Time, the Quality of Medical Records of All Levels of Physician, Including Quality of Outpatient and Inpatient Medical Records,Both Assessment Scores are Were Underway Nervously.


The Medical Department / Gao Xinran, Zhang Jia, Lu Yan