The First Session of Large Public Hospital Development Summit Forum and 2014 Annual Meeting of Liaoning Province Hospital Association Held in Our Hospital Successfully

On September 5th to 6th, “Mission and Responsibility of Large Public Hospitals Under the New Situation” as the Theme of the First Session of Large Public Hospital Development Summit Forum and 2014 Annual Meeting of Liaoning Province Hospital Association Which were Held in Our School Benxi Base. The Conference is Jointly Sponsored by the Healthy Newspaper Office and Liaoning Province Hospital Association, Healthy Newspaper Reporter Stations in Liaoning and Our Hospital to Undertake. Famous Experts, Scholars From the Field of Domestic Hospital Management and Each Unit Participants a Total of More Than 500 People Attended the Meeting.


On the Opening Ceremony, President of Healthy Newspaper Office, Chief Editor Wang Shuo, Vice Principal of Our School,Dean President Guo Qiyong, Executive Vice President of China Hospital Association Li Hongshan,Deputy Secretary of Liaoning Province Government He Qingliang, Deputy Director of the National Health Planning Commission Propaganda Division Yao Hong Wen Delivered a Speech in Turn.


Gathering Young Ideas   Sharing "Brain Storm"


In the Main Forum, Deputy Director of the National Health Planning Commission Structural Reform Division Yao Jianhong,Director of Medical Research Center Wang Hufeng,Director of Shanghai Healthy Development Research Center Jin Chunlin,Professor Yao Yu of China Academy of Social Sciences and Dean Guo Qiyong of Our Hospital Delivered Theme Report of "a Number of Issues on Reform and Management of Public Hospital ", "Development Trend of Public Hospital Under New Reform Pattern ", "Reform Environment and Responsibility of Public Hospital ", "Public Hospital’s Rethinking of Role and Identity in the Medical Service Market ", "Social Responsibility of Large Public Hospitals on the Reform" and so on,Gave a Comprehensive Introduction to the Reform Background, Social Environment, Thought and Policy of Current Public Hospital, Make the Delegates Saw its Responsibility and Task of Public Hospital. The Main Forum Also Around the "Strategy of Hospital and Medical Quality", " Hospital Performance Evaluation" Two Themes, Invited 10 Province Experts of Large Hospital Introduce the Advanced Experience of Each Unit of Management Respectively. Chairman of Yide Medical Investment Management Group Zhou Dawei Brought the Advanced Experience of Taiwan on the Efficiency of Hospital Management and Specialized Operation Management, Enable Delegates to Find Everything Fresh and New. Party Secretary of Healthy Newspaper, Vice President Deng Haihua,Deputy Director of Liaoning Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission Dong Degang Presided Over the Opening Ceremony and the Main Forum.


The Conference also Conducted Four Sub Forum Discussion. In the Sub Forums of Reform,Dean of No.1 Hospital of Peking University Liu Yucun,Dean of Jiangsu Province People's Hospital Wang Hong, Dean of Tianjin Tumor Hospital Wang Ping and others a Total of More Than 10 Domestic Famous Experts Discussed With Our Province Hospital Management Experts on Three Topics "Large Public Hospitals How to Release the High Quality Medical Resources, Reflect the Public Welfare", "Large Public Hospitals How to Want Beneficial to Fine Management,Solve 'See the Doctor Frequency'", "How to Create a Scientific and Standardized Operating Environment For Public Hospital ", the Amount of Information and Fresh Ideas Brought a "Brain Storming" For Delegates; in the Sub Forums Medical Insurance, Vice Director of China Hospital Association Special Committee of Medical Insurance and General Secretary Han Quanyi, Medicare Director of Liaoning Social Insurance Administration Huang Yilin, Director of Yingkou City Health Bureau of New Rural Cooperative Medical System Guan Jing Describes the Present New Situation of the Hospital Medical Insurance Work and the Hospital Responsibility From Provincial, National and Rural These Three Aspects Respectively, Chairman of Liaoning Province Hospital Association Medical Insurance Committee,Vice President of Our Hospital Zhang Chengpu Reported on the Work of Liaoning Province Hospital Association Medical Insurance Committee; in the Sub Forum of Hospital Informational Construction, the Experts Systemic Described on Information Management, Strategy and Standardize Process of Modern Hospital Promote the Medical Quality Safety, Discipline Construction and other aspects; in the Sub Forum of Private Hospital,"Boss" and President of Private Hospitals From the Inside and Outside of the Province Gather and Listen Carefully of the Seminar on Interpretation of Related Policies to the Development of Private Hospital Delivered by Deputy Director of Liaoning Province Health and Family Planning Commission of Medical Affairs Authority Liang Hongjun,Director of Shenyang Social Medical Insurance Administration Supervision Department Li Yi. 


Announced the "Three Level of First-Class Hospital Operation and Management List of Liaoning Province in 2013"


In September 6th, Liaoning Province Hospital Association Issued "Three Level of First-Class Hospital Operation and Management List of Liaoning Province in 2013".A Total of 53 Three Level of First-Class Hospitals are able to Participate in the Ranking , Including 17 Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. The Evaluation System Including 4 Dimensions, They are the Health Service, Management, Science Strength and the Value of Staff, the Proportion is Respectively 55%, 20%, 10% and 15%, The Ranking Results of Hospitals Obtained According to the 4 Indexes. Our Hospital Won the Top in General Hospitals Score and Health Service Capability.This Three Level of First-Class Hospital Operation and Management List of Liaoning Province in 2013 is Already the Second Time Oriented Society Published by Liaoning Province Hospital Association. Index System of This List Large Amplitude to Reduce the Hospital Scale Index and Economic Index, Improve the Reasonable Inspection, Rational Drug Use, Medical Experience Score, the Addition of Third Party Satisfaction Survey Index, at the Same Time, Improve the Independent Evaluation Standard of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. To the Province's Hospital, Which is not only an Honor, but also a Spur, a Kind of Incentive. Based on the Learning to Ranking Evaluation System, the Three Level of First-Class Hospital in the Province Will Turn Pressure into Motive Force, Continuously Enhance the Level of Management, Make the Hospital Management Continuously Towards Modernization and Fine.


This Conference Aims to Condense Reform Consensus, Develop the Leading Role of Large Public Hospitals in the New Situation of Medical Reform Better. The Meeting Highlighted Three Characteristics, One is the Prominent Frontier, the Meeting Gathered the Management Experts of the Most Top Hospitals , the Government Leaders and Scholars of the Most Familiar with the Policy, Designed the Most Front Theme at Present (Including Settings of Sub-Forum of Private Hospital Development); the Second is the Interaction, the Conference Speakers and Participants Start the Full Communication and heated discussion on the Hot Topic; the Third is Practical, Whether it is the Informational Construction of Hospital, Hospital’s Strategy, Performance Management of Hospital, Management of Medical Insurance, or Sub Forum of Private Hospital are Often Closely Associated With Hospital Management Worker Routine, With Strong Practicability.


Finally, Vice President of Liaoning Province Hospital Association,Dean of the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University Xu Yinghui as the Next Host Unit   Representatives, Conducted a Summary of the Conference and Invited All the Guests and Delegates to Dalian Gathering Next Year.


China Network, Sohu Network, Health Newspaper Network Gave Network Support for the Conference and Conducted the Whole Network Broadcast.


The dean's office / Yao Pin

Liaoning Province Hospital Management Research and Training Center / Zheng Fengchun