teaching Work


Shengjing Hospital has one first-level specialty, 20 second-level specialties and 32 third-level specialties which can confer clinical doctoral degrees. She also has 24 second-level specialties and 37 third-level specialties that can confer clinical master’s degrees. Furthermore, the Hospital recruits post doctoral fellows from the society.

Shengjing Hospital has developed friendly relations with medical schools and hospitals in more than 20 countries or regions such as USA, Japan, UK, Canada, etc. Shengjing Hospital receives hundreds of visits by foreign experts for lecture and academic exchange every year. In addition, the Hospital has implemented the “Plan of Cultivating Future Talents of Shengjing Hospital”, through which excellent technical backbone staff members are sent abroad for further study. Shengjing Hospital publishes several national periodicals, such as International Journal of Pediatrics, Chinese Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Journal of China Clinical Medical Imaging, Practical Pharmacy and Clinical Remedies, and Modern Hospital Management.

Shengjing Hospital annually completes the teaching tasks of 240 doctoral degree students and 1,200 master’s degree students. In addition, the Hospital undertakes the teaching tasks of theoretical courses of clinical medicine, clinical practice and clerkship for over 2,500 students of the seven-year program of clinical medicine, five-year program of clinical medicine, MBBS program for international students and College of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy.

Shengjing hospital has achieved fruitful results in continuous improvement of teaching conditions and strict management over teaching quality. At present, the Hospital has two national characteristic specialties (Medical Imaging and Clinical Medicine), two national excellent courses and high-quality resource sharing courses (Diagnostic Radiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology), one national excellent textbook (Pediatrics (the second edition) edited by Professor Xue Xindong), eight provincial excellent courses (Obstetrics and Gynecology, Diagnostic Radiology, Pediatrics, Diagnostics, Infectious Diseases, Surgery, Neurology and Traditional Chinese Medicine), four provincial high-quality resource sharing courses (Obstetrics and Gynecology, Diagnostic Radiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostics), one provincial video demonstration course (Nutrition, Health and Culture), three provincial excellent teaching teams (Diagnostic Radiology, “Problem-based Learning” teaching team of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric Medicine), one provincial specialty academic leader (Professor Guo Qiyong) and two provincial outstanding teachers (Professor Guo Qiyong, Professor Liu Caixia). The National Clinical Skills Center of the Hospital was approved as National Role Model Center of Experimental Teaching and Construction Project of Off-campus Practice Education Base for College Students, the Ministry of Education. So far, our hospital has received more than two million yuan for “Teaching Quality” projects at and above the provincial level.